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Tutor of the Year 2018


The Academic Achievement Center staff and tutors wish to congratulate our mathematics, physics, and engineering tutor Naim Shandi, who has been selected as the 2017 - 2018 AAC Tutor of the Year.

The tutor of the year award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a student tutor who fulfills the AAC’s mission to educate, empower, and inspire fellow students to become independent and successful lifelong learners. Nominees for the award are judged based on their ability to facilitate student learning, their creativity and initiative in executing tutoring sessions, and their modeling of academic integrity and enthusiasm for learning.

Since a very young age, Naim Shandi wanted to be like her father who was her first teaching model. He was a Mathematics teacher and tutor. Naim enjoyed sitting in his office and watching him inspire his students. He charged their minds and hearts with his good thoughts and positive energy. By the time Naim graduated from high school, she wanted to be a health care provider, so she went to medical school for three years. Unfortunately, she was forced to leave school, and for two years, she experienced the difficult life of a refugee. Going through such adversity made her more insistent and stronger person. As soon as she had the chance to resume her studies, she went to Henry Ford College to get her pharmacy technician certification in 2015. She kept a dream in mind, which was to work in a field where she could share her knowledge and thoughts with people and help them be more successful, independent, and stronger people. Having many great teachers throughout her life, made her realize how much good teachers can, and often do, impact their students’ lives and who they are. Her experience makes her more passionate to be a tutor. A few years ago, she met another teaching model, Professor Bashkim Zendeli, who believed in her teaching abilities and encouraged her to become a tutor. She had taken most of her Mathematics courses with him, and he helped her sharpen her Mathematics skills and provided her with the confidence to start her first year of tutoring at LTU’s Academic Achievement Center. She is currently seeking a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and tutors Mathematics, Physics, and some engineering courses. 

Congratulations Naim!