Matt McAllister

The Academic Achievement Center staff and tutors wish to congratulate our mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering tutor Matt McAllister, who has been selected as the 2016 - 2017 AAC Tutor of the Year.

The tutor of the year award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a student tutor who fulfills the AAC’s mission to educate, empower, and inspire fellow students to become independent and successful lifelong learners. Nominees for the award are judged based on their ability to facilitate student learning, their creativity and initiative in executing tutoring sessions, and their modeling of academic integrity and enthusiasm for learning.

"I am currently pursuing degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering at LTU and I tutor in a variety of subjects. Mathematics, natural sciences, foundational engineering courses are the main subjects that I tutor. When I applied to work in the Academic Achievement Center, I only had one goal in mind: helping as many people as possible. Tutoring allows me to share my knowledge with others, as well as assist others in need. This position also gives me the opportunity to learn, whether it is a way to tutor a student, or a different approach to solve a problem. Contrary to popular belief, I am able to maintain my sanity even though I participate in the following: working as a tutor, taking 22 hours of classes as a student, and participating in a competition as a team leader. Even though I find myself doing all of the above, I still have time to hang out with my friends. I have found out that time management is key to success, no matter what field one decides to go into. Also, if the times get rough and you find yourself knocked down, brush yourself off, learn from the failure, and keep on moving forward." - Matt McAllister

Congratulations Matt!