All entering freshman are required to take placement assessments appropriate for their majors. Assessment topics include mathematics, English (reading and writing), chemistry, physics, biology, and computer literacy. New transfer students are also required to take placement assessments in areas where they do not have transfer credit. Group placement assessments are given for each new semester. For information regarding placement assessments contact the Admissions Office at 800-CALL-LTU (225-5588).

Students unable to make a scheduled placement assessment date, those students who were admitted to LTU after the group dates have passed, or students needing special accommodations may make arrangements for individual assessment testing by contacting the Academic Achievement Center at (248) 204-4120 or


Placement Assessment Study Guides

Review this study guide  for Lawrence Tech placement assessments.

In addition, several websites can help students prepare for the assessments:

Math This site is useful for reviewing basic algebra and trigonometry concepts.
Beginning Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University


How To Study Physics


General Chemistry
Chemistry Practice Problems

The links below can be used to study for placement assessments or for classes. Professor P. Lowry has created guides for specific classes.

Technical Math (click the Go to Class link to see the specific topics, or click below)
Unit 1 - Integers
Unit 2 - Basic Algebraic Operations
Unit 3 - Functions and Graphs
Unit 4 - Trigonometric Functions
Unit 5 - Systems of Linear Equations; Determinants
Unit 6 - Factoring
Unit 7 - Fractions
Unit 8 - Quadratic Equations

Technical Math 2 (click the Go to Class link to see the specific topics, or click below)
Unit 1 - Trigonometric Functions
Unit 2 - Vectors and Oblique Triangles
Unit 3 - Graphs of Trigonometric Functions and Identities
Unit 4 - Exponents and Radicals
Unit 5 - Complex Numbers
Unit 6 - Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Unit 7 - Determinants and Analytic Geometry (linear)
Unit 8 - Analytic Geometry (conics)

Technical Calculus (click the Go to Class link to see the specific topics, or click below)
Unit 1 - Limits and Derivatives
Unit 2 - Derivative Rules
Unit 3 - Application of Derivatives
Unit 4 - Curve Sketching and Min/Max
Unit 5 - Integration
Unit 6 - Numerical Integration and Application
Unit 7 - Derivatives of Transcendental Functions
Unit 8 - Integrals of Transcendental Functions
Table A - Derivatives
Table B - Integrals