Placement Assessment Descriptions


  • 30-minute multiple choice assessment
  • Calculators are permitted
  • Reviews general biological principals and basic biological topics
  • Required for the following programs: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Biology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Psychology


  • 30-minute multiple-choice assessment
  • Calculators are permitted
  • Reviews general and specific chemical knowledge plus general mathematics.


  • 30-minute multiple-choice assessment
  • Reviews general computer information plus commonly used applications including word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation software, and Internet.


  • Two-part multiple-choice assessment – 50 minutes combined (not counting breaks between sections)
  • The Written English Expression Placement Test reviews word usage, grammar, and sentence structure used in standard written English. The Reading Placement Test measures reading comprehension and critical thinking.


  • Two-part multiple choice assessment – 70 minutes combined (not counting break between sections)
  • Calculators are not permitted
  • May include arithmetic (some hand calculations will be required), percents, graphs, algebraic simplification, solving equations and inequalities, word problems, functions, and trigonometry (common values, right triangles, identities, graphs, inverse functions, etc.). Your admission status will be used to determine the actual content areas to be tested.


  • 30-minute multiple-choice assessment
  • This is a conceptual evaluation covering motion and forces—no calculations are required.

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