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Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design

If you are interested in learning how to design automobiles or other modes of transportation, Lawrence Technological University is the place to pursue your goal.The Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design program offers motivated, talented, and skilled students the opportunity to excel in one of today’s most challenging and competitive fields.

Located in the heart of the American automobile industry, Lawrence Tech was founded in 1932 on the site where Henry Ford made automotive history by perfecting the moving assembly line. Looking to the future, and with industry support, Lawrence Tech has created a unique transportation design program that allows you to blend your creative design talent with a comprehensive understanding of automotive technology. This union of design and technology offers you the kind of experience that automotive design graduates from other programs can take years to acquire on the job. It can give you the edge in competing for top-level design positions.

Built around the University’s signature “theory and practice” approach to learning, the Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design combines in-depth conceptual investigation with extensive exposure to practicing designers and engineers. You will participate in real-world automotive-based projects and will regularly present your designs to industry professionals. You will acquire more practical experience through an internship and practicum before graduation.

Being situated in an area so immersed in all things automotive, Lawrence Tech’s Transportation Design program offers many unique benefits including the following: 100 percent of students win internships in the industry, students participate in company-sponsored projects in all four years, All students are given a personal work space in dedicated design studios, and top student designs are displayed at the North American International Auto Show. Students from the program have won multiple awards, including: 1st place, Ford Symposium Design Competition, 2010; 1st place, Formula Zero design competition, 2008; as well as 2nd and 3rd place, SABIC Innovative Plastics Car Design Contest, 2008.

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Admissions Information + Curriculum

A design portfolio is required for admission to the Transportation Design program. The portfolio should include a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 pieces. An acceptable portfolio is one that exhibits proficient drawing and conceptual skills. It can include a variety of art media and/or design projects that demonstrate observational sketching/drawing capabilities that convey artistic development proficiency. Some pieces should be complete compositions of various themes and include still life, figurative drawing, perspective, and feature objects found in everyday life – while other illustrations can be simple sketch studies. The resolution of included images should be low resolution, such as VGA setting on digital camera. Please send portfolio or any questions regarding the program or portfolio to and follow-up with a separate email to confirm receipt of the previous email with attachments.

  • The format for the portfolio submission is to be:

  • a.) Low resolution (VGA setting on digital camera)

  • b.) Images should be compiled into one file (for example, place one image per slide in a Powerpoint file)

  • c.) Save the filename with the student’s named.

  • d.) Send portfolio electronically to

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For specific Transportation Design program questions, contact Transportation Design Director, Keith Nagara, at

For general questions about admissions, our programs or the college, please contact Alice McHard at, 248-204-2834 or click on the links below.

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