The buildLab provides students and faculty of the College of Architecture and Design with the expertise, training and equipment necessary to experiment with materials and execute creative work.

The buildLab offers the following dedicated spaces: 2600 ft2 shop space focused on the processing and assembly of wood and plastics; analog, digital, CNC and laser cutting equipment are all available; 250 ft2 Spray Room for the safe and proper application of paints, adhesives, and stains; 630 ft2 Casting Room for the use of plaster, concrete, and hydrocal; and a hot wire cutter is available for cutting foam for formwork.

The buildLab offers training in the following areas: shop safety and etiquette; hand tools and small equipment; woodworking and plastic production tools; and digital fabrication.

buildLab Hours

August 30th: 9am-1pm
Monday, August 26th - Friday, September 6th:
9am - 5pm, M-F

September Hours

October Hours

November Hours

December Hours

buildLab Contact Information

George Charbeneau
Manager, CoAD Shop
+1 (248) 204-2831

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