A university education can broaden your outlook of the world and equip you to face new and varied challenges. In addition, studies have shown that college graduates typically earn higher wages, are more informed as consumers, enjoy better health – and the list goes on. The Associate of Science in General Studies from Lawrence Technological University 
can prepare you with a foundation for success – whether you are a high school graduate eager to enter the workforce or an adult looking to return to school.


Unlike other programs focused on a specific area, the AS in General Studies allows you the flexibility to explore personal and professional interests, while building the communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills desired by all employers. Built around the University’s Core Curriculum, the set of classes required of all undergraduates, the AS in General Studies is a 60-credit-hour program that features courses in:

  • Literature and the arts
  • History and philosophy
  • Mathematics and science

The Core also emphasizes shared intellectual experiences within the Lawrence Tech community through reading, directed discussions, group presentations, and teamwork. The Core’s blend of in-depth knowledge, broad understanding, and analytical thinking is designed to give you the confidence to determine your life’s course, make meaningful contributions to the lives of others, and achieve success in your chosen field.

In addition to a well-rounded education, careful selection of electives allows you to further investigate a variety of disciplines. Courses can be chosen either to explore different career paths, or concentrated in one specific subject, setting the stage for a seamless transition into a four-year program. In fact, many graduates of the AS in General Studies go on to obtain bachelor’s degrees in architecture, business management, computer science, engineering, media communication, psychology, and science, among others.

Like all programs at Lawrence Tech, the AS in General Studies is a rigorous degree focused on theory and practice. In addition to exceptional instruction in the classroom, you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment and learning facilities. You will be provided a laptop computer upon enrollment, loaded with the software you will need for your program of study. You’ll also benefit from small class sizes and personal attention from faculty who have current industry experience, and are dedicated to your success both as a student and as a professional.

Whether you choose to commute from home or live on campus, you will have opportunities to participate in all aspects of university life, including:

  • Student and social activities
  • Sports
  • Job fairs
  • Research
  • Professional associations
  • Service and leadership opportunities, and much more.

Courses are conveniently offered to provide the flexibility to manage your busy schedule while completing your education.

For more information, contact Lawrence Tech's Office of Admissions at 800.CALL.LTU or admissions@ltu.edu. For specific questions about the AS in general sciences, contact the Department of Natural Sciences at 248.204.3600.


Your 60-credit-hour program consists of:

First Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
COM 1002 University Studies Seminar 2
COM 1103 English Composition 3
MCS 1003 Intro. to Computer Applications 3
MCS 1XX3 Elective 3
  Open Elective 3
   TOTAL 14

Second Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
LLT 1213 World Masterpieces 1 3
SSC 2413 Foundations of American Experience 3
COM 2103 Technical and Prof. Communication 3
MCS 1XX4 Mathematics 4
  Open Elective 3
   TOTAL 16

Third Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
LLT 1223 World Masterpieces 2 3
SSC 2423 Development of American Experience 3
  Natural Sciences 1  3
  Open Electives  6
   TOTAL 15

Fourth Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
LDR 2001 Leadership Models and Practices 1
  LLT/SSC/PSYXXX3 Elective 3
  Natural Sciences 2 3
  Natural Sciences Lab 1
  Open Electives 7
   TOTAL 15

While enrolled in the general studies program, students preparing to enter Lawrence Tech's four-year degree programs will complete courses that fulfill the general education requirements common to all curricula. In most cases, students will also have the opportunity to complete foundational courses specific to their intended majors, provided that the applicable course prerequisites have been satisfied. Initial course selections will be determined on the basis of students' placement assessment results.

To be eligible to transfer into a four-year major, students must have achieved satisfactory performance in a minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework, including specific courses applicable to their programs of choice. Students must see their academic advisors for additional information on course prerequisites, appropriate choices for elective courses, transfer eligibility requirements, and further information specific to their degree programs. Students participating in the Michigan Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) must complete the General Studies degree to be eligible for Phase II benefits.

For more information or to speak with an advisor, contact the College of Arts and Sciences at 248.204.3500, email scidean@ltu.edu, or visit room S 101 in the Science Building.