If you have a passion for knowledge and a desire to succeed, your LTU Quest experience begins here!

Quest is a co-curricular experiential learning program for highly motivated College of Arts and Sciences students who wish to engage in unique learning experiences above and beyond the requirements of a course.

What is your passion?

Have you discovered a writer, concept, or research problem in a course that you would like to explore on a deeper level outside of class time?

Are you motivated to investigate a scientific, medical, social, economic, or political problem?

Are you a poet, musician, or actor who would like to develop your talent? Are you seeking an opportunity to explore a career that you will love?

Quest is your call to action.

See the Quest Program Steps webpage to get started. Project proposals and funding requests are reviewed on a rolling as-received basis.

For more information, contact Shannon Timmons,PhD, director of the Quest Program, at stimmons@ltu.edu or 248.204.3618.