Online StudentWe encourage you to take advantage of the information detailed below and in each of the specific menu items on the right to  enable you to experience the best learning experience through our Blackboard system.

The menu navigation on the right allow you to select specific information desired. But first, read the text below on Internet browsers, error messages, logging in and view the brief video!

Quick Tips for Students PDF


Internet Browsers

It is strongly suggested that you use, ChromeFirefox or Safari rather than Internet Explorer when using Blackboard especially when taking tests and downloading/uploading items.

If you are having issues with a particular browser, for example Chrome then try another browser (Firefox) first. Different browsers handle data differently.

Getting error messages that 3rd party cookies not allowed?

You need to set Blackboard in the browser’s security exception list. To do this for Firefox or Chrome go to our eHelp website Bb Issues and Alerts

How Do I Log On To Blackboard?

Your Blackboard username is your Campus username. It is the same username used to log into Blackboard, BannerWeb, Email, and campus computers, laptops, and tablets.

To find your username:

  1. Log into BannerWeb
  2. Click on Personal Information
  3. Click on View Email Addresses
  4. The Campus email address before the is your new username

Your initial Blackboard password is your birthday in the format of MMDDYYYY (birthday month,day, four digits of year).

Changing your Password

Your Blackboard password is now the same password used to log into the Campus network. You will be able to change your password by following the instructions below anytime and anywhere after you create your profile.

Go to myPassword

  • Click on "Edit my profile" to create a profile. Enter your username and your 8 digit birthdate (MMDDYYYY) as the password.
  • Set up your security questions and confirmed and your profile is created, go back to the main page and click on "Change my password".
  • Log in with your username and your 8 digit birthdate again to change your password. You can now log in to Blackboard with your username and your new password.

If you have any questions or if need additional assistance contact the LTU Help Desk at (248) 204-2330 or email

Blackboard Videos

LTU has upgraded Blackboard to Blackboard 9.1 SP13 that offers exciting new changes and improvements. Logging into Blackboard is the same using your network password and username.

The system layout is the same with a fresh, cleaner interface and a number of new enhancements for both instructors and students.

Some of the new enhancements and improvements that you will see as a student is the Global Navigation area, updated Discussion Board Posts area and the updated calendar function.


Submit/Upload Assignments (2:30 min)

Take Tests in Blackboard (2:00 min)

Check Grades (2:00 min)

Discussion Boards-Organize Posts (2:12 min)

Discussion Boards-Create New Thread (1:37 min)

Discussion Boards-Reply to a Thread (1:45 min)

Work in Groups

Create and Edit Wikis

Create a Blog