Blackboard Upgrades 9.1 2016

Blackboard 9.1

LTU's Blackboard Learn 9.1 includes a number of features that improves the overall performance.

The overall “look and feel” of Blackboard has not changed but there are “features" enhancements that are included.

Blackboard for students will see some enhancements, but faculty will see more of the enhancements.

What’s different?

The table below lists the features and brief overview

Feature Description Link for More Information
Student Preview for Instructors Instructors can "turn on" a system generated student account and view course exactly as a student does Student Preview
Safe Assignment Integration

Safe Assignment is totally integrated with the Assessment option under Assignments.

Multiple Attempts of Safe Assignments is an option - separate assessment for drafts no longer needed.

Safe Assignments
Grading and Improved SA Originality Report

SA grading and View Originality Report incorporated within In-Line grading option

Originality Report updated with cleaner look 

Safe Assignment Grading
Bb Collaborate

New interface, easier access (CHROME) no downloads, launchers



Faculty - Student Preview

What does Student Preview allow you to see?


Safe Assignment Integration within Assessment

Creating a Safe Assignment assessment incorporated within the assessment option:

  • Draft option - select "multiple attempts"
  • Use InLine grading, access SA report, use a rubric, add comments, and grade
  • Group attempts

Yes, existing Safe Assignment will continue to work (e.g., course imported content or course copied content)

Create a new assignment to fully take advantage of new options

Create Safe Assignment

 Safe Assignment Tour Video