DUO Two-Factor Authentication

In our efforts to provide continuing cyber security improvements, LTU has implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) on several different systems for LTU resources using a new service call DUO. For information regarding 2FA authentication, please see the following website: https://duo.com/product/trusted-users/two-factor-authentication.

In recent months, data breaches are being reported from all different sectors of industry, education and government simply due to user IDs and passwords being stolen. This new security enhancement will provide a second form of authentication and aimed at protecting LTU along with your personal information from being compromised

LTU has had available two-factor authentication on Google Mail for quite some, and many have taken advantage of the advanced security it provides. Many home financial systems may also require this functionality. This new service will provide two-factor authentication on many of our other proprietary and business critical applications, including VPN, Banner Forms, etc.

DUO Installation Instructions

To download the DUO installation instructions please click here.

DUO Device Management

For instructions on DUO Device Management please click here.

Duo FAQs

What is Duo and how does it work?
Duo is a two-factor authentication provider that helps to secure access to applications. After entering your regular LTU username and password a second layer of security takes place where you are asked to prove your identity with a pre-registered Duo device such as a smartphone.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?
Two-factor authentication means logging in with something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone or other device). Through this combination an attacker would need to possess both parts to successfully compromise your account.

Do I have to enroll in Duo?
Yes, for faculty and staff to access certain LTU services such as Banner 9, ImageNow, VPN, etc. Duo authentication will be required.

I am a student, do I need to use Duo?
In most cases you do not. You will be able to continue to use the VPN without Duo to access the licensing servers and shared drives. However, if you are a student worker that accesses Duo protected applications such as Banner 9 or ImageNow, you will need to use Duo.

Is Duo usage tied to my computer or my phone?
No, Duo helps to secure LTU applications accessed from any supported device.

How does Duo work with my phone?
Duo can use a phone as a second factor of authentication, either through the Duo Mobile smartphone app, or by receiving SMS text messages or phone calls. The smartphone app is recommended for ease of use, as it only requires tapping to accept or deny the login.

Does Duo make any changes to my smartphone or allow LTU to control other information on
my phone?
No, installing Duo Mobile only serves to provide a second layer of authentication for LTU services. Permissions used by the application are limited to those required for this purpose and to ensure that the device is not already compromised.

Do I need to use a smartphone with Duo?
The Duo Mobile app on smartphone is the recommended method if possible since it is more flexible and easier to use to authenticate. But if you don’t have a smartphone or have one that does not support the app then login codes can be received by SMS text messages to any cell phone, or calls can be received to cell or landline phones.

What if I don’t have a screen lock or passcode on my phone?
In order to add a device to support Duo logins, you will need to first setup a screen lock, passcode, or biometric security on your phone before authenticating to LTU services.

What if I do not have cell reception or am in an area with only roaming data?
In the Duo Mobile app there is a key icon next to the LTU profile that will generate a six digit passcode which can be used to authenticate with Duo. If you do not have a smartphone and will be travelling outside of cell service, please contact the LTU Help Desk to discuss options.

Why is LTU using Duo?
Due to the global prevalence of security breaches in recent years, Duo is being used as an additional measure to protect LTU services. Adding a second factor of authentication for logins greatly improves security. It would be much more difficult for a hacker to both know your password and have possession of your phone or other device.

What devices can I use with Duo?
Duo supports authentication through Android and IOS smartphones and tablets, feature phones (non-smart) by SMS text messages or calls, landlines by calls, and physical authentication tokens. The Duo Mobile app on smartphones and tablets is the easiest, quickest, and most flexible method to use and is therefore recommended. The other options are more difficult requiring manual generation and entry of a changing passcode, and also incur additional costs to the University upon each authentication.