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Aaron Blendowski


Professor of Practice
Aaron Blendowski is an artist and designer working under the moniker RealOK Design. He is a graduate of both the College for Creative Studies (2004) and Cranbrook Academy of Art (2006) and is a co-founder of OmniCorpDetroit in Eastern Market, Detroit. His education and professional creative practices have led him to pursue endeavors in industrial design, sculpture, multiple craft-making disciplines, architecture and digital production, all of which span far beyond the typical role played by designers. With an open mind, Aaron will try his hand at whatever feels right, and he's created a truly unique, multifaceted expression of himself through his work.

Guided by forces of humor, melancholia and beauty in all of its forms, and combined with existential comfort and inquiries into philosophical reality, Aaron's works, shown both locally and abroad, seek to expose and nurture our rich human history and evokes viewers' sense of artistic license and humor, as well as emotional, sensual, and intellectual responses. 

Aaron's work employs industrial processes and an imaginative and interdisciplinary skill set. His work presents itself in the form of functional-sculptural objects, two-dimensional graphics, product hybrids, behavioral furniture, and immersive audio-visual installations and performances. His work ranges in scale from architectural objects to hand-held pieces.

Aaron is currently a Professor of Practice at Lawrence Technological University in the College of Art and Design and concurrently works as Fabrications Coordinator at Cranbrook Academy of Art.


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