As a University, we have partnered with a few different companies to offer different services for our students. Check them out below! Keep checking the page for the most up to date information.



The University is not responsible for the loss of, damage to, or destruction of personal property. All personal property, and any property belonging to a third party that is in the resident’s custody, is the sole responsibility of the resident. The University advises all residents to obtain personal property insurance (renter’s insurance). The resident needs to check with their insurance provider to determine applicable coverage. Please visit if a resident wishes to seek additional coverage through National Student Services, Inc. For a brief brochure, click here



Check out this link to pick out some nice dorm essentials for your room!

Want to increase your usable floor space by up to 35%? Then check out by August 12th to order your bed loft and MicroFridge for this fall and have your bed loft delivered to your room before move-in day! This is the ONLY way to have your bed lofted and we recommend students to take advantage of this convenient and affordable service.

Bed Loft Rental

Bed lofts are an easy, affordable way to create additional living area in the room. We strongly suggest students rent a bed loft to maximize their room space and comfort level. Beds will be delivered, along with bolts and set up instructions. To view product details, photos and pricing, please visit

Bed Loft


MicroFridge Rental

The MicroFridge is a one-of-a-kind unit that includes a full refrigerator, freezer and microwave, all-in-one! This is a convenient alternative to bringing a refrigerator and microwave from home and is a must-have item for anyone attending LTU from far away or out-of-state.



**Please note that if you do not know your Hall and/or Room Number, you may still place an order. Please select Unknown from the "Select Hall" drop down menu and enter 0 for your Room Number. After your place your order, you will receive email notifications from our Customer Service team to remind you to fill in your hall and room information as soon as you receive it.**