Same Room Sign Up Policy and Procedures

See below for a condensed version of our same room sign up. Our full policy can be found below. Please have the form filled out, completed, and brought to housing renewal. 

This is only available for students on South Housing floors 5-9 and Donley Hall all floors.

Same Room Sign Up Room Hold/Release


Important Information

  1. If you are signing up for your same room, you cannot come at your assigned Housing Renewal day and time to try to switch rooms. You may come during the Make Up Day, however spaces will be limited due single spaces, not entire rooms.
  2. If you are signing up for the same room, you still must move out of University Housing by Saturday, May 6, 2017 by 10 am unless you are signed up for Summer Housing.
  3. If anyone who signs up for the room during Same Room Sign Up needs Summer Housing, he/she should bring his/her Summer Housing Application to Housing Renewal. Students will be placed in his/her fall room during the summer if he/she is living in Donley Hall for the Fall. All South Housing residents will be placed in Donley for Summer term and will be assigned a room.
  4. If you are signing up for the same room and do not have enough roommates to fill all the spaces, your room becomes an open room for the remainder of Housing Renewal, which will allow other students to select to live in the empty spaces in the room. Your student information will remain confidential, they will only see it is an open male/female space. Also, if your room does not get filled during Housing Renewal, the Office of University Housing reserves the right to consolidate you and your roommates to another room if necessary, according to the University Housing Guidelines.


You may sign up for your same room for Fall 2017 during Housing Renewal on Thursday, March 30th. After this date, all rooms become open to the rest of the residents in housing. Same room sign up is only available for South Housing floors 5-9 and Donley Hall 1-4. Residents who want to stay in their room must fill out the form and turn it in along with all other required items during housing renewal.

Everyone Returning to the Room

If all of the residents of the room want to return to the room and it is mutual, all residents may sign up for the room during Same Room Sign Up time. If residents cannot make Housing Renewal on this day, only one of the residents of the room must to come to Housing Renewal and can act as a proxy for those who cannot make it.

Non-Consensus Room Release

If all residents of the room do not want to live together for the fall but want to stay in the same room, they must decide who gets to remain in the room. If a decision cannot be made amongst the roommates of who gets to keep the room, University Housing will not step in to assist. At this point, no one has rights to the room and everyone must choose a new room and go to their assigned time.

Consensus Room Release

If residents wish to leave the room, they must sign off rights to the room to the other residents only if the other residents wish to stay. The residents staying will then sign up during the same room sign up time. If new roommates with to take the spot of the residents leaving, they may also sign up with the residents of the room during this time and must put their name on the form. Residents moving into the room can proxy for the other residents as long as all the correct forms are filled out. Residents leaving the room must come during their scheduled time during housing renewal.

Current Roommates Not Returning to Housing

If there are residents in the room not returning to housing, they must still sign off their room rights. If he or she is not returning due to graduation or moving off campus for the fall, all rights go to the remaining roommate(s). If the resident(s) left in the room are signing up at Same Room Sign Up he/she may bring his/her new roommates with them to Housing Renewal to sign up for the room. If someone cannot make it, one of the roommates can act as a proxy for the roommate(s). The current owner of the room does not need to be present as long as this form is filled out by all current owners of the room and the person attending Housing Renewal is a proxy for the others.