Throughout the year, the Staff Senate hosts many exciting events on campus. Each year the Staff Senate hosts its annual Halloween Boo Bash and Saint Patrick's Day feast open to all Faculty and Staff at Lawrence Tech. In addition to these exciting and fun events, the LTU Staff Senate also hosts informative programs for all to join. Please see the Upcoming Events Tab for a list of each months planned activity (subject to change). The flyer will be added as soon as the event has been finalized and the flyer is available. 

Furthermore, the Staff Senate seeks to recognize one outstanding Faculty or Staff member each year of the LTU Community. Please see the Staff Member of the Year page to nominate a fellow member of our community you feel should be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Their service to the LTU community will be recognized at the final event in May each year

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, January 18, 2018  - Souper Bowl Contest
  • Thursday, February 15, 2018  - Campus Lunch and Learn
  • Thursday, March , 2018 (RFOC) - St. Patrick’s Day
  • Thursday, April 19, 2018 - Earth Day
  • Thursday, May 17, 2018 (Hossack Picnic Area) - Scavenger Hunt 

Previous Events

Nominations for the 2016- 2017 Award will be accepted until April 14, 2017.

Please email with any questions

Previous Winners

2013 Honorees

February: Chris Spencer, Campus Safety 

April: Adrienne Aluzzo, Library

2012 Honorees

February: Dawn Edwards, Admissions

March: Diane Sobania, One Stop Center

April: Bruce Johnstone, Campus Safety/Mailroom

May: Bridgett Bailiff, Civil Engineering

October: Jennifer Mercier, Leadership Programs

November: Caroline Schmitz, Library

2011 Honorees

April: Debra Kollenberg, Financial Aid

March: Joseph Oberhauser, College of Architecture and Design

February: Rachel Cronover, e-Learning

January: Sallie Ilg, Architecture


Photo Gallery:

Halloween Party 2016

Staff Senate    The Party  


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