njahts 2017The Lawrence Tech Dance Team is composed of eight to ten dancers who cheer and perform at different events around the school and community.

The LTU dance team program is a student activity. As a student activity, its first and foremost responsibility to the student is to support and not to compromise the student's academic career. Secondly, the program should aid in developing the student participant into a responsible, mature and independent adult. Specifically, the program is a means of improving the student's mental and physical well-being.

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The primary purpose of the dancer is to be a member of the team, which has as its goal the support of intercollegiate athletics and LTU. That support is directed into three major areas, as follows:

1. Entertain the crowd and cheer on our LTU Blue Devils

2. To participate in the athletic activity known as dance by performing jumps, leaps, turns and dance movements; to perfect this athletic activity for keeping the crowd attention/direction focused on the field/floor where the intercollegiate activity is taking place, and for entertainment and competitive purposes; and

3. To serve as public relations ambassadors of intercollegiate athletics and Lawrence Tech University; to uphold, reflect and project the goals and ideals of the University; to appear at University activities, functions and programs, at charitable and public causes (not commercial/business purposes) to promote intercollegiate athletics and the University.

All dance team members will be eligible to receive an academic scholarship as long as she maintains her academic and team expectations. You will become an ambassador for Lawrence Technological University.

Audition Information

2018-19 Audition Paperwork

Online Registration Due by: November 15th, 2018
All Paperwork Due by: November 18th, 2018
Audition Fee ($20 non-refundable) Due: April 8th (Can be paid prior in room C205) or online.
Audition Tickets

Requirements to Audition:
1. You must be enrolled as a full time student at Lawrence Technological University for Fall 2018
2. Current cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better.
3. Must maintain enrollment for the entire duration of the season (Spring Semester).
4. Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University.
5. $20 Try-out fee and ALL paperwork is due at time of audition. No exceptions.

Proper Attire for Interviews:
• Business Professional Attire

Proper Attire for Auditions:

• Black Tank, leotard, or sports bra
• Black Dance Pants/Leggings/Shorts (Form Fitting)
• Jazz Shoes
• Sneakers for Hip-Hop

What will candidates learn at Auditions:
• Fight Song
• Jazz Routine
• Hip-Hop Routine
• Opportunity to Free Style

Jazz Dance Elements:
Split Leap (Grande Jete) (Right and Left)
Single/Double Pirouettes (Turns)
Leap in Second (Center Leap)
Tilt Jump (Right and Left)
Kicks (Side/Front/Tilt)
Chaines Turns
Toe Touch
Fire Bird
Turning Straight Leg Leap (Right and Left)
Fan Kick

A la seconde fouettes: (or turns in second)
Turning Centers (Disk Turns)
Side Tilts (No Hands)
Double Turn into Leap
Double Turn into Touch
Leg grab turn

Hip Hop Dance Elements:
Kip Up
Any Gymnastic moves

What you will be judged on:
• Enthusiasm
• Ability to catch on to routines
• Crowd Appeal
• Ability to take constructive Criticism

Lauren Allen

Dance Team Coach
Lauren Allen Byrd - ltudanceteam@ltu.edu
4th Season

Lauren B. Allen was born and raised in Metro Detroit and is a graduate of Marygrove College in Detroit, MI with a Bachelors of Fine Arts concentrating in Dance Performance. Lauren has been dancing for over 20 years, beginning her training at Encore Dance Academy under the teachings of Jennifer Rickard, Kristen Quesada, Nicole Hopkins, Tracy Pearson and Stephanie Kohnen.

Lauren has studied Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Pointe, Gymnastics, African, and Contemporary dance styles and has won many petite through teen dance competition titles. She has danced for both the Detroit Pistons Dance Team Automotion and the Detroit Tigers Energy Squad. During the summer of 2012 Lauren had the opportunity to travel to LA and train with top choreographers for 3 months. 

Lauren has also been involved in the Miss America Organization for the past 8 years competing 6 of them. She has won many Awards throughout the Miss America Organization including-Miss Congeniality, Talent and Miss Lighthouse Coast 2013.


Dance Team Assistant Coach
Hannah Diaz
1st Season

Hannah Diaz is a Hazel Park native and graduated from LTU in 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Hannah completed 2 years on the Lawrence Tech Dance Team during her years at Lawrence Technological University. Hannah is an Alumni member of Delta Tau Sigma.

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